Canyon hikes and Milky Way gazing.

I had never seen the Grand Canyon. I knew this had to change soon. My dad and I began planning a trip for this summer to go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. My wife, sister and her bf would be joining us. Places to stay fill up pretty fast near the Grand Canyon in the summer, so lucky for us my dad found a place in Kanab, Utah (pronounced like "corn on the kanab"). I say lucky for us, because once I did my research on Kanab, I found it is a great central point to not only the Grand Canyon, but also to Zion national Park and Antelope Canyon. Both additional places I have wanted to visit! We flew into Vegas and rented a car to drive the 3.5 hour trip to Kanab. Went to the Grand Canyon the first day. Zion all day the second. Antelope and Horseshoe Bend the third day. Drove back to Vegas and saw Hoover Dam the fourth day. 

The Grand Canyon was, of course, spectacular! We didn't give ourselves as much time as we may have wanted to wander around on more trails, but the views we got did not let us down. The North Rim is much less crowded from what I hear and gave us some amazing colors as the sun set. The layers of rock are beautiful and just looking across the canyon and seeing the vastness of the canyon is breath-taking. The way back to Kanab this night lent us to some amazing views of the Milky Way.

This was such a great trip. The hikes were difficult, yet beautiful. Especially Angel's Landing in Zion. Zion sports these huge rocks with sheer faces, making the cliffs hundreds of feet high. On Angel's Landing, the trail to the summit was right along these cliffs, literally allowing you to hang your toes over the edge. Aside from the crowd on Angel's Landing, which is what actually made this hike scary since people had to pass each other on the narrow trails with drops of death on either side, this was an amazing hike! It's hot. Water is a must.

Antelope Canyon brought some high expectations for us, as reservations for tours fill up weeks in advance and I had to reserve spots a month before we left. We knew this was going to be a must see. While the slot canyons were mind-blowing, I was extremely disappointed with the crowds. We were told the canyons were not even a thing 25 years ago, until some photographers took some photos in the canyons and launched what is now a photographers heaven. The colors and rock formations are incredible. However, I couldn't help but feel like it ruins the experience a little knowing that literally thousands of people are taking similar photos as me of this canyon daily. Nonetheless, I took lots of photos and enjoyed walking through the lower canyon. The upper canyon we did in the afternoon and the crowds were too much for me. My suggestion is to reserve spots early in the morning if you want to fight crowds, which means you may only get to do one in a day. Another perk of Antelope Canyon, is Horseshoe Bend is only a 15 min drive away. Which is a must see at sunset!

View from the North Rim.

Our Milky Way stop off after the Grand Canyon.

Going down Angel's Landing was harding than going up. 

Well deserved break. All break were surrounded by amazing views. Truly an incredible place.

The colors are insane.

The way to the upper canyon.

Pictures will not do Horseshoe bend justice. I was in awe. 

Let me know if you have any questions about prices or other plans regarding this trip. It is a must-see and must-do trip.